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Big Bend Haunted National Park Candle

Big Bend Haunted National Park Candle

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Notes of charred wood, smoky embers, amber & spice.

You already know how much we love National Parks. There are a few scary tales that come along with that. We are excited to introduce our new Haunted National Parks Candles. This collection is inspired by three of our favorite national park myths and legends. Let's gather around the campfire...Spooky season has officially begun.There is an unsolved celestial mystery that lures visitors to Big Bend National Park. Known as the "Zone of Silence," Big Bend National Park often experiences electrical failures that impact airplanes, cars, and most electrical equipment. The park is also known for its daily UFO sightings and strange falling objects. Several reports indicate that hot stones have fallen from the sky and destroyed property in the area since the 1800s.  

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We craft products that celebrate nature and we advocate for and support public lands through annual donations to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund.

Made in small batches in Seattle, WA, USA.

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14 oz.

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