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Coral Super Fine Upcycled Cotton Watchcap

Coral Super Fine Upcycled Cotton Watchcap

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Content: 100% ECO-COTTON What is Eco-cotton? Eco-cotton is a blend of reclaimed cotton fibers from reclaimed garments & discarded cutting table scraps. Not only do these hats contain a percentage of recycled PET bottles but zero dyes or chemicals are used in the process of creating such vibrant colors from textile waste.

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Washing Instructions Spot clean by hand as needed. Lay Flat to dry. Source Knit in Waterloo, NY. Finished in Brooklyn. Size & Fit One Size Length: 11-12" Inches (without fold) Knit cotton is prone to stretch so if your hat feels a bit tight when you receive it, just a little wear will allow it to adjust to your head. Cotton is a lighter material, so these hats are meant to be worn as transitional hats. If you would prefer a warmer option, take a look at our Upcycled Wool Watchcaps! The watchcap is a style that's existed for well over 100 years, and is a shorter hat, traditionally meant to be worn folded above the ears. However, you can also wear it any other way!

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