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Notcha Matcha Tea

Notcha Matcha Tea

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This vibrant, sweet, grassy powder comes from green stone ground Japanese tea leaves. They are grown in the shade then plucked and processed when young and tender. This produces a completely different green tea experience. A cup of matcha provides natural, long-lasting, healthy energy with no crash with 10x the amount of caffeine then regular green tea. It helps with the digestion process as well as boosts metabolism and is packed with stimulating nutritional benefits. Grab a bamboo whisk to mix and sip in a shallow bowl. Use a scoop as a power boost in your morning smoothie or a green addition to cakes and baked goods.

Servings per bag: 30 Caffeine Content: High Traditional Preparation: Scoop 1-2 tsp Notcha Matcha into bowl. Add 1oz almost boiling water into bowl and use bamboo whisk to whisk into a paste, add an additional 2oz almost boiling water and whisk vigorously back and forth until frothy. Sip and enjoy!

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