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Yellowstone Haunted National Park Candle

Yellowstone Haunted National Park Candle

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Notes of vetiver, pine needle & sandalwood. 

You already know how much we love National Parks. There are a few scary tales that come along with that. We are excited to introduce our new Haunted National Parks Candles. This collection is inspired by three of our favorite national park myths and legends. Let's gather around the campfire...Spooky season has officially begun.

The Headless Bride:Ghost stories surround Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn. This nightmare is home to many ghosts, including the Headless Bride of room 127. Legend has it that a newlywed couple violently argued after the husband gambled away their wealth in 1915. In the days that followed, her husband fled the park, and she was not seen for days. Eventually the hotel staff found her in the bathtub - without her head. The bride has been seen floating around the inn crying and upset... holding her head.

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We craft products that celebrate nature and we advocate for and support public lands through annual donations to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund.

Made in small batches in Seattle, WA, USA.

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14 oz.

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