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Orange Pippins

Nasturtium Seeds Microgreen Jar

Nasturtium Seeds Microgreen Jar

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Orange Pippins nasturtium microgreens have adorable little lily-pad leaves with ruffled edges. The flavor is verdant and wasabi-like. Try them in sushi bowls or other fish dishes or with a cucumber and avocado salad.

ABOUT: What are microgreens? They’re plants harvested in their adorable infancy; in much of Europe you will see them growing on kitchen windowsills and providing fresh greens year round. They provide a multitude of lovely flavors, textures, and colors, are easy to grow, and are many people’s first exposure to gardening. Get ready for your own daily Plant Watch! HOW TO GROW: Plant indoors in potting soil in anything from takeout containers to old teacups.

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