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Sustainability: Repurpose Your Tin


When you purchase a product from Good & Well Supply Co., you not only support a small business but the many organizations we aid through annual donations like the National Park Foundation, Washington National Park Fund, Wilderness Society, and Black Outside, Inc.

Nature is the inspiration for our products and we want to keep it around to inspire future generations too, so we greatly encourage the re-use of our candle containers. Both our National Park Collection paint tins & Apothecary amber glass vessels can be cleaned out and repurposed!

Plus, when you share photos of your re-purposed tin(s) with us, we’ll offer you a discount code of 25% off your next purchase with us! You can send pictures to us by email: orders@goodandwellsupplyco.com or by tagging us on Instagram.



1. Once you’ve finished burning your candle, fill the vessel with HOT water and let sit for 5-10 minutes. NOTE: This step is optional, but it makes the process a lot easier! The hot water will soften the small amount of wax leftover and loosen the wick clip from the base of the vessel.

2. Pour out the water and remove the wick clip(s) from the bottom of the vessel. With Step 1, this should be relatively easy. It may still take a bit of picking to remove it.

3. Once the wick clip(s) are removed, begin cleaning the vessel. Our soy wax is 100% water soluble; simply use warm water and soap to thoroughly clean the inside of your vessel. NOTE: If you are planning on recycling your vessel, it must be completely cleaned and the label removed.

4. When your vessel has been thoroughly cleaned out and rinsed, it is ready for re-use. Don’t be afraid to get creative! We’ve seen tins become re-purposed planters, pencil holders, makeup brush canisters, heck — you could even make a tin can telephone for the kids — the possibilities are endless!

Whatever you choose to make, we invite you to join us in our mission to help reduce waste!

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