Good & Well Supply Co. is proud to work with quality stockists around the country, and we've partnered with Faire to allow you to order our products online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

Please click the inquire button above to complete our wholesale account request form. We review each request individually and do our best to respond to all inquiries within three business days. Thank you for your interest!

What if my store is not open yet?

We primarily open wholesale accounts for established brick & mortar locations; however, we are happy to consider new stores in the process of opening their first location within 4-8 weeks. Please complete our account request form above, and we will follow up to request additional supporting information (sales tax certificate, marketing materials, opening date, store address, etc.)

Do you wholesale to online-only or pop-up shops?

We are currently only approving wholesale accounts for stores that have established, independent, brick & mortar locations at this time and do not currently approve accounts for stores selling at Markets, Pop-Up locations, inside of other stores, out of mobile locations, or at temporary booths.

We are not currently approving new accounts for online-only stores. You may still complete our account request form, and we are happy to keep your information on file should we begin approving online-only accounts in the future.

What are your wholesale order minimums?

Our opening order minimum is $250. Reorders are $175. Please request a catalog, price sheet, or link to our wholesale website for per-product minimums.

What is your turnaround time?

Wholesale orders are typically processed and shipped within 4-7 business days. However, times may vary depending on the size of the order, product availability, and during peak seasons.

What are the perks to ordering direct?

While you can find us on certain third-party wholesale ordering platforms, we value working directly with each account, and ordering direct provides many perks!

Our prices on our wholesale website are lower than third-party platforms. Wholesale pricing on third-party platforms includes a convenience fee to help offset the order fees and added labor of managing the platform.

Orders placed directly on our wholesale website receive first-priority order processing, as it allows us to add your order to our production schedule quicker by saving the time needed to process your order on the backend.

New designs and products will be available for order on our wholesale site before we launch them on third-party platforms. Low inventory items will remain available for order on our site until sold out, while they will be backordered sooner on third-party platforms to prevent overselling.

Show specials such as sale items, free shipping, or additional discounts made available when ordering directly with Good and Well Supply Co. will not be available on third-party platforms due to the nature of the fees they charge vendors.

Third-party platforms limit the visibility of our products and brand, and information regarding "best-sellers" or "high sell-through rates" are skewed as their algorithms do not include a full picture, and do not accurately represent our brand. When ordering directly on our wholesale website, you will see our full offerings as well as the stories and inspiration behind the designs.

Zip code protection on third-party platforms is not effective. Third parties only know who orders on their platform and cannot guarantee protection. Email warnings about losing territory are a fear tactic they use to drive more sales through their platform, not keep protection.