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Bioluminescent Mushrooms Dark Matter Hardcover Notebook

Bioluminescent Mushrooms Dark Matter Hardcover Notebook

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There's nothing more magical than mushrooms that glow in the dark. Fueled by oxyluciferin, bioluminescent mushrooms can be found in many unique places across the globe from the rain forest to the pine forest. If you're lucky enough to encounter some of these special species of fungus, take a moment to stop and marvel at how awesome nature can be. Each cover in the Dark Matter series celebrates the beauty found in darkness and the scenes made by the faintest light. Let your creativity run wild in the black pages of this Bioluminescent Mushrooms Notebook. This extra-thick 120 gsm black paper works great with gel pens (for the brightest colors, look for ones that are formulated to work on dark media, like our Supernova Pens), metallic pens, pastels and even some paints!

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