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Bramble Scars Lip Balm

Bramble Scars Lip Balm

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Bramble Scars Lip Balm is formulated to help moisturize & protect, dry & weathered lips of all types. We've seen a lot of wild places, hiked a lot of trails & in all kinds of weather both hot & cold. We made this because we needed it. Formulated for active people who endure all kinds of weather & know that after a long day in the outdoors there is nothing like a little R&R (fireside with your favorite person...a little smoochin"). Locally sourced beeswax,  organic coconut, apricot kernel, jojoba & sweet almond oils,  live conifer infusions (leaves, needles and bark), tree pitch/resins, vitamin e, steam distilled essential oils. Scented with the bright, citrusy resins of pine & fir, wild mountain mint & eucalyptus Usage: apply liberally to dry & chapped lips.  Apply to lips before going outside in all weather conditions. Approx. .15 oz. Tube.

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