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Protect Our Parks Sunburst Hiking Hat

Protect Our Parks Sunburst Hiking Hat

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This is a high performance hat perfect for hiking, rafting, or any other outdoor adventure. It features quick-drying fabric and breathable wide-set nylon mesh; making it the ideal choice for aquatic adventures and mid-summer hikes at MRNP. Also flip the hat around for a special Rainier Watch logo pinch tag!

Product Details

* Every purchase helps support Washington's National Parks via Washington's National Parks Fund
* Designed and printed in the PNW by Electric Graphic Design in Oregon
* Outdoor rated for maximum adventure time
* Stay-Dri Performance Sweatband
* Moisture wicking
* Packable/foldable for super mobile adventurers
* Unique finish with a RW logo woven pinch tag in back
* Hat manufactured by PNW based Richardson Hats - hand assembled in Oregon

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