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Puffin Drinkwear

Bird Dog Drink Koozie - Honey Brown

Bird Dog Drink Koozie - Honey Brown

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Lambic season! Bock season! Lambic season! Bock season! Choose your hunting partner carefully and your drink even more so. Our most rugged Puffin yet, sporting a canvas lower with contrasting diamond suede upper, this Bird Dog won't giggle at you from the bushes if you miss your shot. Fits 12oz cans well. Features include: A premium liner that is durable and has a better feel than traditional koozies. A functioning, water resistant zipper for easy access to the beverage. A non-slip, rubber base for greater stability. Real tiny pockets to store things. Makes the perfect Father's Day gift for any man who enjoys hunting, fishing, BBQ / barbeques or adventure in general. This koozie is a great addition to any summer celebration as a kitschy party favor or host / hostess gift. Cute, funny, playful and still extremely functional, it is sure to be a conversation starter every time.

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