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Lumberjack Drink Koozie - Red

Lumberjack Drink Koozie - Red

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When you’re busy doing woodsy lumberjack things, this plaid flannel drinkware insulates your bevy and keeps your hands warm so you can focus on what’s important—like trees ‘n’ stuff. Find us a beverage that doesn’t look dashing dressed like a lumberjack. Go on, we’ll wait.  Fits 12 oz cans well. Features include: A premium liner that is durable and has a better feel than traditional koozies. A non-slip, rubber base for greater stability. Working, weather-resistant zipper for easy access to your beverage. Soft outer fabric for a cozy feel in your hands. Makes the perfect Mother's Day, Father's Day or Graduation gift for anyone who loves camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or anything outdoors in general. This koozie is a great addition to any celebration as a kitschy party favor or host / hostess gift. Cute, funny, playful and still extremely functional, it is sure to be a conversation starter every time.

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