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Puffin Drinkwear

Sleeping Bag Drink Koozie - Blue

Sleeping Bag Drink Koozie - Blue

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Once upon a time around a campfire in Oregon, a sad man was holding a warm beer when his friend handed him a scrap of old sleeping bag to wrap around his bottle. And he thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat if my beer bottle had its own sleeping bag?!” The OG Puffin was born and lovers of cold drinks everywhere rejoiced. Fits 750ml wine bottles well. Features include: A premium liner that is durable and has a better feel than traditional koozies. A non-slip, rubber base for greater stability. Stow-away carrying handle for hands-free toting of your larger bottles. Stash pocket to hold a bottle or wine opener. Velcro on back to hold the Caddy open for pouring. Makes the perfect Father's Day or Mother's Day gift for anyone who enjoys a cold bottle of their choice while camping or during any outdoor activity. This OG is great for any celebration or as a host / hostess gift. Whether wine, champagne or fruit juice, this will be sure to bring the party.

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